Chinese Ofo bike to make a bid for Giant Bicycles


Oh please don’t do it Giant…you’re one of the last beacons of Taiwanese pride.


Way too many loopholes to jump through.
Giant is a listed firm on the Taiwan exchange.
Taiwan authorities would never let a back-door listing into Taiwan’s stock market by Chinese entity, which this would imply. Too many other examples of authorities nixing any sort of Chinese entity buying any sort of “big” stake in anything local.


i hope not, gross.

as a side note, chinas bike sharing was not quite as organised or thought out as taiwans youbike.
they used a system where you could leave the bike anywhere. no need for parking bays, hooray!..? predictably it turned into a right mess pretty quickly.


Let’s hope that it’s just a scare. We know that Giant has factories over in China, but being bought out by a Chinese company…might as well sell their souls.