Chinese Riddles (

Is that translation right?

Anyway, I have a couple that are in the textbook I’m using and think they’re cool enough to share. I’ll probably be on the look out for more and will post when found. I’ll just post one at a time for now as to not use up all of my posting material at once. :slight_smile:


I liked this one a lot.


[quote=“miltownkid”]I liked this one a lot.


Ok, slightly different ones. These are 成語 riddles. But made up by some high school students here in the U.S.

#1: Bee and a calendar

#2: 一隻熊走向你

#2 takes some creative thinking…

Anybody? Anybody? Here are the answers:

#1: 風和日麗 (蜂-bee 和-and 日曆-calendar)

#2: 有備而來 (備而<->bear… get it?)