Chinese/Taiwanese Movie Posters

Just wondering if anyone knows anywhere that sells movie posters of new, recently and maybe even older release films? I have a small collection of posters back home and would love to get my hands on some stuff from here, and not English posters, but the actual Chinese Language posters.

Would the movie theatres sell them to me or is there anywhere to get them?

You can find it in Ximending and shi -lin night market.

I used to work at some of the bigger shopping malls, the ones that had movie theatres within it, and most movie posters just get thrown to the recycle area downstairs. you could talk to the people working there at the theatre and they probably could hold it for you when it’s time to take it down, or maybe you could go downstairs and collect it yourself, that’s what I did when I worked there. You can try the Core Pacific City Living Mall and Breeze Center, both on Civic Blvd., I think one’s on sec.3 and one’s on sec.5

there is an alternative, you could go to the smaller theatres and talk to the PT workers there, you’ll have a bigger chance of getting what you want