Chinese-to-English translation practice sources

For some of the big tests students are asked to translate a sentence or short paragraph from Chinese into English.

I want to find some sources to help practice this specific skill.

Sources I’ve looked at or used before:

  • GEPT practice books - The practice sentences here are good for this purpose, but limited. I need more.
  • Newspaper articles - These are generally too long for quick practice, too specialized of language in Chinese and/or English, or just poorly written it seems.
  • Newspaper picture captions - This has been the closest I’ve found to a good and plentiful source so far, but they still have issues with word choice and style.
  • English learning magazines that take articles originally written in English and then translate/explain/expand the ideas and grammar - While I like these in general, I want sources written in Chinese first. Translating a translation is problematic for a few reasons.

I would ideally like a website or book/magazine that has hundreds of Chinese sentences/short paragraphs that each require little outside context and contain few of the very low frequency words. It’d be fantastic if the source meant them to be used for this purpose, but anything that fits is good too.