Chinese Translation Software

Hi everyone,

It’s David Lancashire from Popup Chinese. I wanted to post a quick note here to inform you all we’ve just released free Chinese translation software. This downloadable Windows application offers the same functionality as expensive machine translation engines. It is part of our ongoing research efforts into improving Chinese-English machine translation.

The Popup Chinese translation engine combines the best of rules-based approaches with cutting-edge statistical machine translation. It lets you add words and phrases, works offline when you don’t have an Internet connection, and taps into the Google translation service to improve translation quality when you’re online. This results in:

  • total control over your own translations
  • really good default translations of proper nouns, dates, etc.
  • your own private dictionary for adding words and phrases

This is our first beta release, so we’re soliciting suggestions and feedback on improvements (including bug reports) before rolling out a Mac version. Feedback is very welcome at If you’re interested in helping out but don’t do much translation, you can also help add words and phrases using our online Chinese dictionary.

Happy Translating,