Chinese Valentines day coming up...whats your plan?

Shiadoa, finding things for your viewing pleasure every day :joy:

Moral of the story: Always, Always know the answer to such risky questions before you ask in front of people with smartphones videoing the moment. bahaha.

Four Weddings and a Funeral? Quick on his feet, that guy. Very funny clip. :joy:

Seems Taiwan has caught the bug to celebrate this date:



Is that real? :rofl:

No Photoshop involved. Taken on the 14th.


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I think it’s coming up Wednesday 7 August 2019.

Heard there are fireworks and festival for Valentine’s day at Dadaocheng Wharf on Sat/Sun 3-4 August.

Following up my own post from last year…

Is it tomorrow??? Holy sh*t.

Fireworks last weekend were cancelled/postponed for weather in Taipei.

What’s the Ubereats for delivering gifts?!

Actually, at least on female friend tells me they don’t really celebrate it.

I’m going to give you a big, consensual, snog.

I been waiting for a year already.

One day quarantine :laughing:

It’s worth waiting for, believe me.

It’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day 七夕節

Do Taiwanese really need two Valentine’s Days a year?

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oh it’s today …


She will not say it, you think you gave her roses this year already. She wants roses, red roses!!!

24 hour flower shops at Linsen.

The fireworks are huge-ly tonight on the river. Taipei.

Fireworks, music, food, drinks, first dates, last dates, sex, wanting sex and not getting it, all kinds of fun.

Tomorrow Taipei wharf Dadaocheng 4pm on.