Chinese Visa, Country of Passport Issuance (Taiwan)

Applying for a Mainland Visa, from Japan. My Passport was issued in Taiwan, and the form asks for:
Place of issue:
Country, Province/State, City

Am I going to get into trouble for entering Taiwan, Taipei City, Taipei City?

As a general rule of thumb you should never mention Taiwan when dealing with mainland immigration. What country issued your passport? I thought embassies only issued emergency passports?

It was issued by the German “whatever it’s called, not embassy” in 101, Taipei. And no, not an emergency passport. It was printed etc. in Germany, but says “Taipei” for the locality of the authority. So I’ll not get around somehow mentioning that it was issued in Taiwan.

Also, on the resulting PDF file from the form, it does not actually say “country: Taiwan”, but “place of issue: Taipei/Taipei/Taiwan”. That sounds a lot less dangerous than “country: Taiwan”, does it not?

My US passport was issued by the AIT (The American non-embassy embassy in Taipei). This is pretty standard practice. I had a travel agent get my PRC visa, so I have no idea what she listed on the form, but I can’t imagine the OP is going to have a problem getting a visa with an EU passport.

Yea, so long as you are not writing country Taiwan you should be fine. By the sounds of what the other poster said too.