Chipping / modding a UK PS-2 in Taipei

Anyone had their PS-2 ‘chipped’ / modded here in Taiwan ( Taipei ) ? I’d like to be able to play some import games ( local ) + others but have heard that Guang Hwa ( sp ? ) market won’t do this as they think Europeans are some business people from Sony or police or similar ?

Would really appreciate further info - I got an address from a place near Bade Rd and Sinsheng S. Rd… don’t want to waste my time going all the way downtown and find out they won’t fix the machine !

I just came from GuangHua today AND asked about getting a PS2 chipped (only at one store, but I saw a guy chipping one at another store). The one store I asked said it would be 2,300NT to get it done. A little over 7,000NT for a new one that’s already chipped. Don’t bother calling anywhere because they’ll say no on the phone. Chipping/Modifying in Chinese is 改機 (at least that’s what they say).

I was reading something on the site and I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal to get your machine modded here (or in the UK) so there shouldn’t be any problems. Playing copied games is the illegal part. Something about US copyright law that says you agree to not modify the machine once to hit the power button or some trash like that.