Chocolate & Love (closed)

Yes, Jana is real nice. I hope Wolf doesn’t call immigration on her. I had five absyntheses last night. Three at Carnegies and two at Chocolate and Love. It was a pleasant buzz, but way way too expensive.

suggest you buy a bag of black jelly beans and eat them while quaffing vodka shots…tastes much the same, the end result will be just as messy but not as nasty on the wallet… :wink:

Easy, setup a Taiwan Branch of a foreign company, deposit enough cash in a local bank, get all your permits, get final approval from the MOEA, etc., and you too can hire foreigners and issue ARC’s and work permits…provided of course the government approves them and you can justify the need to hire foreigners.

Granted, I have simplified the process quite a bit, and left out several caveats, but you can setup a Taiwan branch of a foreign company and through the company hire other foreigners. However, the amount of foreigners you can hire, and at what point, wholly depends on your initial capitalization (i.e. hard cash brought into Taiwan) and your subsequent company gross revenue.

Yes, it can be done. :slight_smile:

Tried it for the first time last night at Barry’s rather groovy place.
Woke up in another persons body!!

Oscar Wilde
General manager and Poet laureate
The Shannon Taipei

PS -I now have it in my place!!!

Expensive, but damn good … cts_id/162

I just read for the first time about absinthe in today’s Taipei Times. Hallucinogenic with a THC structure that is 70 proof?

Why wasn’t I told that this nectar of the gods is around? Why wasn’t I informed about this? Is it possible to have too much? Does it come with a coloring book and crayons?

Stoned, drunk, and freaked all in one glass. Wow… :astonished:

Absinthe is legal in Taiwan? I’m not going all the way to Taipei just to get it. Can I buy it at the 7-11 or Wellcome?

Sheeet!..If you young bucks are seeking the next level in consciousness…weelllll helll!

I’ll get some of the Ol’ Boys back in Kaintucky to send over some gen-u-ine, 1st rate moonshine for ya’s.

Now you peckerwoods ain’t experienced an out-o-body higher-level cosmic crawl that when you’ve done some crystal clear spring water mason jar Kaintucky moonshine.

Hell…it may not be the latest in fashiion, but bubba’s…it will help you crawl onto the nest level…LOL.

order it from the website I mention above

OK. Am I the only person around here who doesn’t know where Chocolate & Love is located?

Renai between Anhe and Tun Hwa on the south side of the street.

Thanks, fred.

If you start at the Taipei Sports Bar and walk North down Anhe road, turn left on Xinyi without crossing the street, you will soon see it.

(Fred is too fast for me.)

[quote=“Richardm”]If you start at the Taipei Sports Bar and walk North down Anhe road, turn left on Xinyi without crossing the street, you will soon see it.

(Fred is too fast for me.)[/quote]

fred may also be wrong! I think I know this place, and its on Xinyi, not Renai…

Somebody confirm, please.

RichardM, you assume incorrectly that I know where Taipei Sports Bar is located… :laughing: No problem… I understand turning left onto Xinyi from Anhe (going north). :wink: Thanks, RichardM.

Okay, start at Carnegies. I know you know where that is.

If I start at Carnegies, I might as well just stay there. Its not likely that I’d get past Carnegies anyway… :slight_smile:

Chocolate and Love at 148, Xinyi Road, Sec 4 (台北市信義路4段148號).

Good Ole Reliable RichardM.



Yes, sorry that is Xinyi between anhe and Tunhwa. Honest I was NOT drinking the last time I was there. I wasn’t I tell you. It simply isn’t true!


I found it. Very nice place, and the boss and staff are wonderful.

I’m on my third glass now. Nice.