May I have a chop or 2? I want a uk one and a Taipei one for starters.

Well, toddle on down to ‘Shops’ right down in the bottom left of this screen, then to ‘cities’ or ‘flags’ and choose what ever tickles your fancy.


There should be more flags to choose. The selection as of now is rather limited. There should be flags of every country as well as flags for all of the 50 U.S. states. If I get a flag showing that I’m an American, that’s boring. But a flag showing that a person is an Alaskan/Mississippian/Wyomian etc., that’s interesting.

Find 'em online, link 'em in the Feedback forum and PM Gus. I’m sure he’ll oblige you. He’s a bit pushed for time to be searching himself, I believe. That’s what I did for the greatest flag that ever was.
BTW, if you find a logo for Hsintien City or Bitan on your travels, I’d appreciate a link to that, too.

I think we should have chops for the chinese astrology horoscope but then again, I can’t design them myself !!

maybe we can have a poll asking why some posters still haven’t got their chops, maybe there are certain chops, icons, flags they are looking for.

can we buy customized chop and have it personally uploade?

p.s I want chinese squabble card as a chop :slight_smile:

OR BC as well…I found this one … flags.html