Chou Doufu (Stinky Doufu)

Sure, you’ve smelt it on the streets…but have you actually tried it? It’s not too bad. It dosen’t really stink once you get away from the d00d frying it. Mixed with kimchee (pao cai) it’s not bad–a bit spicey…just plug your nose when you order.

I don’t know how they guy frying it can stand there all evening breathing the oder…

Would you eat dog shit if someone told you it tasted okay?

Guess you didn’t like it, Joe. :raspberry:

Actually the doufu itself dosen’t have much flavor, it’s the kimchee and sauces that flavor it…

Had a friend from UK whose mouth watered every time she smelt it. Guess it’s an acquired taste, and smell!
I really don’t mind the stuff. It’s palatable, IMHO.
I like the tofu ru more though. Ya know, the stuff in a jar that tastes just like blue cheese. YUM! Rice porridge, tofuru, and egg…what a breakie combo.

The deep fried stuff is fairly good. After all, you can deep fry anything and it all tastes the same. The ma-la variety is another story. That stuff tastes just as wretched as it smells.

Think there’s any hope of using toufuru to replace bleu cheese in recipes or on salads?


Dunno Terry. You could try it sometime and let us know!
On second thought…tofu in a salad?

I can bear the smell of it walking past a chou tofu joint only if I don’t have a hangover. If I do have one, makes feel like throwing up. Damned places should have biohazard warnings within 100 meters of them.
How can something akin to the smell of rotting corpses make your mouth water?

Deep fried Chou Dofu is great. BBQd can be even better. I really don’t understand people who never try it.


The first couple of times that I walked past a chou doufu stand I checked the bottom of my shoes thinking that I had stepped in a random stray dog pile o’ poo. Anything that smells like dog sh!t doesn’t interest me since at least 70% of the taste is the smell. That’s why food sucks when you have a cold.

I’m one of those people.
But at least my gag reflex doesn’t trigger every time I walk by a stand like it used to.

Hey Ironlady, tofuru in place of blue cheese? Are you kidding me? Seriously? :loco:

Seriously, I’ve tried this and I ahve to say that … yes, you can indeed sub it for blue cheese in a salad. It’s a bit “ruder” though, so you need to use some pretty robust salad leaves. Iceberg and romaine won’t cut it, but some endive, rocket (or do you wrong-siders call it arugula), chicory kind of things and it’s pretty nice, as a matter of fact.

I love Stinky Doufu and Doufuru, but - Gentlemen! - blue cheese in a salad? Beg your pardon?

Stinky tofu - love love love the deep fried kind with pickled cabbage on the side. I’m not as enthusiastic about the mala “pillow” tofu, but I still enjoy eating it.

And yes, blue cheese on salad. Deeeeeelicious. :lick:

Stinky tofu tastes fine, but mostly I adore its usefulness. It’s what I point to when Taiwanese tell me that they don’t like cheese because it smells bad.

Tofu is wierd and so is blue cheese :wink:
I prefer sweet whey cheese spread, it’s a Swedish thing :stuck_out_tongue:
But then again, people eat marmite and I’d have tofu any day over putting tar like mould on my bread…

Tofu is not food.

I served Tofu from my lunch box to a street dog not long ago and he just smaled it , licked it and then looked up on me with eyes that where asking “do you not have anny food” He actualy finished my chinese salded duck egg.

I’m one of those people. . .[/quote]

I know just how you feel Bu Lai En. I’ll eat just about anything at least once if others eat it and seem to enjoy it. I’ll eat chicken feet, pig feet, barbecued chicken tails (mmmm, had 'em last night) or duck neck (ditto), intestine soup, sliced organ meats with dipping sauce as an appetizer, or whatever else is on the menu. I’ve even tried duck tongues, which have got to be the most disgusting looking food. But, about the only food I’ve eaten here that I don’t much like is bitter melon. It’s not disgusting or anything; I just don’t care much for the bitter taste.

As for chou dofu, I love it. I admit it smells strong, but my gut feeling is that most people who claim it’s disgusting are just weenies, basically (no offense intended). Especially if they’ve never tried it.

Aren’t most tastes (culinary, fashion, art, music, entertainment, etc.) largely an acquired thing, based on the people, customs and habits one has experienced, the prevalent attitudes one has been surrounded with, and the attitudes one formed based on those experiences? After all, how come 90% of Taiwanese think tofu is great and 90% of Americans find it disgusting? Do they have different taste buds? No; simply different attitudes. Hindus may find the thought of a bacon cheesburger totally repulsive, but if they actually tried one and tried to let go of their cultural hangups and try to experience it as those who enjoy bacon cheeseburgers do, they might find that – damn – that thing’s good.

Same for those who detest chou dofu but have never tried it. As I said, I suspect most such people are weenies at heart, afraid of adventures and challenges, afraid of new things. Most people who make such claims surely dine often at western restaurants and fast food places claiming that local food tastes bad, is too greasy, or is unsanitary, when the truth is they’re simply weenies, afraid to let go of their cultural hangups and try the local ways.

For those who are more adventurous, who have no fear of local foods (or better yet, actually like them), you may be pleased to learn that Taipei has a whole street of restaurants devoted to delicious, savory, pungent chou dofu:

:hungry: [Forumosa - Taiwan's largest and most active Taiwan-oriented global online community in English … light=tofu](Famous Stinky Tofu Street near Taipei :hungry:

I stay away from eating in those smal resturant in the street simply because I hate them. They block the sice walk and make life hard for someone stupid enough to try walking.

f you want to try chinese food then try snake. It taste like chicken and have the consistence off dryed cod that has ben soaked in water.

Also the pig stomac with nuddle is good, but I don’t know manny places serving it.

One thing I don’t figure out is that food don’t nead taste. You only nead sauce. So why bother? I can just drink the sauce then :laughing:
If I don’t like it I wont eat it and I don’t want to cower it up with use off sauce.

And I’m not one off those going to western places. I have newer eaten on a mcdonalds since I arived. Mcdonalds taste crap and is a insult to all hamburgers. I only go there to buy milkshake. Mcdonalds smell like a distruction plant for annimalwaste witch I know after I worked in one where they did fat recovery from animal waste from the slaugheter hause. :raspberry:

Haha, I agree with you about Mcpukies there Stian… it’s nasty and I feel ill everytime I got to one…
But then again, I don’t eat Tofu… nor do I eat fermented herring which is something of a delicacy in parts of Sweden…