Chou-Yi finally goes to jail

If you were the judge, how much prison time do you think would you have given him?

  • None. He’s a hero of the people.
  • Less than 1y2m
  • between 1y2m and 2 y
  • 3 - 5 years
  • 5-10 years

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…for inciting a crowd to riot and standing on a truck, egging on the driver to ram the gates of a government building in Kaohsiung. There were cops standing behind the gate directly in the truck’s path. Apparently Chou-Yi felt at the time, and at times appeared to feel likewise at all times, when you are on a holy mission to save your country from a perceived despot (CSB), it is okay to endanger the lives of cops and others, and even deserving of praise to glorify yourself for doing so.

I just want to say:

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He’s only getting 1 year and 2 months. I say he got lucky. Which is shitty, since he’s always crapping on the courts, the judges, the police and everyone else that actually extends to him much more patience than they really should.

I’m hoping that, with his self-rightous and authoritarian personality, he will be ill suited for jail life and suffer terribly from his pitifully short period of incarceration.

Three cheers. Catch it on FTV news tonight, and be sure to call a toast.

[Edit] Added a fun poll. I voted 3-5 years. He was an elected public figure/leader with a responsibility to NOT incite riots and attack law officers.

So, TVBS is not going to make a full live coverage of their most “credible” news source going to take a long vacation? Of course, he will go with a smile in the face, because he is Chou-Yi, the man who laughs at danger and drops ice cubes down the vest of fear.

He peeled off the wig and shaved his head. But not his eyebrows.

“I will not cry. Today, I will definitely not cry.”

Yeah sure. We believe you. We always believe you.

Can anyone say
[color=red]TOSSED SALAD TIME![/color]

He’ll probably be the future president of Taiwan now. It seems convictions and short jail times are a badge on honor in Taiwan.

I’m looking forward not to having to hear that grating, whiny voice for the next year (I long ago stopped paying attention to the mindless drivel he spouted with it). He’s like the Taiwanese version of Joe Pesci. With apologies of course to Joe Pesci. But speaking of losing one’s hair…

Ahh, justice at last.

And even better - he will most likely not get into the LY in december, thus losing his importance as a spreader of bullshit.

Not even TVBS will have use for him once he’s let out.

yes they will…

there’s always place in the cleaning department… for sure he will get a lot of experience in the jail… hope is soap doesn’t fall too often in the shower…

i hope he does get befriended by a large membered prison guard.

one that can take special care of him. one who perhaps used to be one of those policemen whose lives were threatened. one who takes it Personally.

nothing like a taste of one’s own medicine. on’ya, Hammurabi

Unfortunately, he’ll be treated with kid gloves inside. He’ll have all manner of privileges that only the most highly connected could ever dream of (just as he was able to postpone the commencement of his sentence until such time as best suited his convenience).

The way things work here, no one will dare to harm or offend him for fear of the consequences when his friends in high places are informed of it or after he gets out and returns to the LY, and everyone will be sucking up to him in hopes of gaining benefit from such a valuable connection. I’m pretty sure we will see him back in the LY: Even if he’s not out in time for the year-end elections, he’ll probably be handed a legislator-at-large seat by the KMT. And I doubt he’ll actually serve more than five or six months inside before being released on parole at the earliest possible date.

But at least a little bit of justice has been done, which is better than nothing, and he’s out of our faces for a while.

I also think he should stick to the shaved-head look - it’s actually quite a lot less repulsive than that godawfully hideous wig.

You wanna bet TVBS will have a live show every week from the jail with all-new allegations?
This is going to be worse than the first-son-in-law show… the tv’s will show everyday what he is eating, not eating, how much sleep he had… fantastic stuff to fill the unbelievably boring news in Taiwan…

I just uploaded a crappy little video of Chou on the back of the truck.

Watch closely at the beginning and you can see there were several police officers directly in the path of the truck. What a vicious scumbag! But of course when you know you are right about everything in the world, regular moral constraints don’t apply to you.