Is there any specific reason why there is not that much choice buying one of those
here in Taiwan ?
Just lack of market-interest seem to be a way too easy answer …

Asus Flip C101 and C302
Samsung Plus and Pro
… not buyable in Taiwan

Standard Windows tablet are so cheap, not many people would pick a chromebook over a 2in1 tablet with Windows 10.

Embarrassingly, I spilled half a pint of beer on my laptop. What a waste of beer! Anyways, I’m in the market for a new laptop, ideally something somewhat light, but still a laptop and not one of those flimsy tablets with detachable keyboards. Since I mainly use it for e-mails and cloud-based spreadsheets, I’m thinking a Chromebook might not be a bad idea.


If you ever plan to print anything, forget it. If you like being held hostage by apps and extensions and always have a stable internet extension, maybe a chromebook is for you.
I like to have software that I can use for years, work on my files offline and DGAF about updates or what google thinks I “need”.
My Chromebook I use for browsing and Youtube. That’s about it.

How much would a Chromebook cost?

For under 15k you can buy many brand new laptops with Windows10, even models from this year, that will be more than enough for mails, surfing etc.

I’m just now this week trying out the Google ecosystem via Google Drive. On my phone.

I’m not totally sure as not enough experience but seems like documents, spreadsheets, presentations can be made available offline so no connection needed. And all can be saved as Microsoft compatible.

I’m still macbook at home.

I guess I have the opposite problem. I work in three different offices and like to have my files in the cloud, so I can access them even when I’m not near my main computer.

And I find the Google suite of office programs work better for teams in terms of everyone being able to edit the same document and having access to the latest revisions.

I barely print stuff and don’t use any complicated software such as Photoshop or AutoCad.

Given this background, would a Chromebook make more sense?

Looks like you can get them from about $8k.

I guess I already spend 90% of my computing time in the Chrome browser, so I am not quite sure what I need Windows for anymore…

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That sounds tiring!

Not tiring with a larger phone, stand and good normal size bluetooth keyboard. Typing is a breeze.

And can split screen two apps at once.

If you are doing collaborative work and have no need of printing, a chromebook may be a good option for you.
You CAN work on files offline, then update the cloud version, although I’m not sure about multiple users doing this on the same project.
As I require CAD and graphic software, my laptop is more useful, but Windows 10 sucks.
I am not sure what options exist for robust, work oriented Chromebooks. Mine is an Acer that seems flimsy and often has issues with the keyboard.

Noticed this weekend both Acer and Asus have Chromebook options.

Both are Taiwan companies so should be fairly easy for warranty, to fix any problems, upgrade, and follow on support.

Anyone into Chromebook now?

I feel like I can be fully productive with almost any electronic device that has an internet connection now that I’m into the Google ecosystem.

Even though I use a Macbook, an iPad, an Android phone, and a Windows laptop, everything just works with the Google.

I could lose every piece of electronics I have, and be up and running within five minutes of findung a new device of any type.

I’ve been using one for a while. Cheap and works great most of the time. The one issue for me is that I can’t use Excel. Sheets is good, but not as powerful and it doesn’t support many of the keyboard shortcuts, so you need to use the mouse all the time.

Wonder if any reason to try one. I guess they can be cheaper than the others?

Do they hold up long term with latest software updates.