CHT for wireless phone - where?

I want to look into getting a cell phone through CHT. I see 4 cellphone bodegas on every street corner but can’t figure out what is what. Does CHT just license through 3rd parties?

Is there some sort of CHT “flagship” store where I will have access to try the latest handsets and ask a bunch of ridiculous questions and belabor the sales reps with my English? I’m looking to get a subsidized phone on a contract and sort that whole scenario out.


Aside from the actual CHT offices, their primary retail presence is Senao stores. As for English… that’ll probably be a mixed bag. Try a CHT office if your local Senao stores don’t have English-speaking salespersons.

Bring a Chinese speaker whenever you can, don’t count on someone being able to speak decent English, and I have a friend who was being stonewalled by a certain ISP who never installed the service he requested after over 6 months. Having an English speaking Taiwanese present will make things go smoother.

CHT service branches usually have a small Senao kiosk built into the store, but not all of them will have live units for demo. You can visit them for the phone and get a number to talk to one of the CHT service reps behind the counter when you are ready to sign up for plans. You will need two pieces of ID and most likely a service deposit if you can’t find a cosigner; exceptions can happen and you might be able to get away without paying for a deposit, but YMMV on this one.

You can find a service branch near you here: … &CatID=265

The page is in Chinese but there are maps and you should have little trouble navigating through that.