Chunghwa Telecom: How to get "real" cloud invoices?


I have a really minor problem here: I have a phone contract with Chunghwa Telecom and each month, they send me my bill via e-mail. After payment, I receive an e-mail with the e-invoice attached as an HTML file. However, the invoice does not appear in my cloud invoice app (from the government).

How can I tell Chunghwa to issue me a “real” cloud invoice (i.e. tell them my “mobile phone barcode number”), so I don’t have to type in the invoice number manually and participate in the additional lottery drawing for cloud invoices?

Any ideas?

Get out of e-statement and choose paper statement sent to your resident address.

But then I need to pay my bill at the store or convenience store and will still receive a non-cloud invoice, right?

You can pay your paper bill through your bank App.
At least that’s what I can do.
My bank App allows me to pay any of the telecom firms’ monthly bill.
It asks for my ARC # (needs that anyway to get into App), then cell #, and then it somehow links up with telecom firm and voila, shows the monthly bill. Then I pay it through App bank wire (no transaction fee).

But can you also specify your “mobile invoice barcode” (or whether this thing is called…) to receive the invoice automatically in the invoice lottery app that way?

I’m already on auto-pay, so I don’t even need to pay the bill manually - just the invoice does not appear in the invoice lottery app.

I’ve since found the Chunghwa Telecom eInvoice System which (according to Google) states

To apply for “Mobile Barcode”, please go to the Ministry of Finance Electronic Invoice Integration Service Platform

But I can’t find the place to input the mobile barcode number on the Chunghwa website…

Yeah, I got as far as the Chinese website of Ministry of Finance, blah blah blah.
Not enough free time to deal with it currently.
On the plus side, this activity did help me reset my CHT app password, which I almost never use (once a year maybe), but will soon use to look for cheapo monthly deals. I’m at 199/month (the basic keep your # contract) and it expires in a few months.