Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan to recruit 3000 new staff next year

How can I get in on this? :grin:

You can’t.

This is a pretty massive hiring push. Surely, they must be open to hiring people from abroad?

Surely you jest .:grin:

Might be the odd specialised position. This is all for the domestic market. You might have to pass some govt exam , not too sure.

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Why is it so hard to find a decent job in a country where everybody is always talking about how they need to lure the best talent in the world? Before I left, Tsai was seriously talking about making Taipei the “Silicon Valley of Asia”. What ever happened to that?

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That’s a domestic telecom company . Maybe you can look for a job at Facebook and Google and Amazon or any number of notebook or electronics companies. But remember what are the skills you bring to the table to suit the local market?

Theyve been saying similar things for thirty years. It just varies slightly…Regional logistics…Regional hub…Tech center…IOT…Silicon valley…Precision Machinery…Biotech island…AI center

And is this island not a true silicon island? It’s just very specialised in that.

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Watch next years president korea take credit for it. If it works out that is.

Why did the dude write the article in English, in second person then?

I know two people who work there, basically a job for life with excellent bonuses and benefits.

“artificial intelligence” … they can just hire my brain if needed.


Yes locals and most of them have some kind of blood relationship with each other or friends of family etc etc . :roll_eyes:

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One skill is passable English service for all the foreigners. Press 2 for English at Chunghua still transfers you to a non English speaking rep that seems bewildered that someone is trying to speak English :slight_smile:

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That’s how Abhishek Jariwala writes all his articles. Look him up.

I notice that a hell of a lot of his articles start with “We know that…”

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Ok what is the Taiwan Times where did they spring up from , Kerala ?

His articles sound like something that came out of Google translate.

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