Chupei(jhubei) computer junk shop or surplus

hi, im new here

i just want to ask where can i find a computer junk shop or surplus in chupei(jhubei) city. thanks :smiley:

btw i just signed up, but when i log in an error page appeared. :smiley: thanks again.

OT, but where’s Chupei? What’s that in Pinyin?

jhubei city i think, in hsinchu county

help me pls. :smiley:

I think you mean Zhu Bei.

yeah… i think… maybe, i dont the pinyin of jhubei. help me pls :smiley: thanks

Zhubei is one word, like Washington (not Wa Shing Ton).


Sorry, can’t help you with your second-hand computer search, unless you come to Taibei. It’s not so far!

yeah its zhubei, i remembered that taiwanese characters. so anyone knows a 2nd computer store in zhubei? thanks :smiley: