Cigarette Scandal Goes International

well, ya need a lot of cigs to bribe informants, lol

This is so embarrassing. Apparently, it’s been going on during multiple administrations.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last on this. Many people must have been involved.

They’re already talking about investigating China Airlines and the bank that processed the credit card transactions.

A couple million cigarettes loaded onto five vehicles is not a lone ranger operation.

Well at least it wasn’t heroin.

That got through OK. Good quality china white too.

The tip-off probably came from an NSB officer who was pissed off about not getting a cut.

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“We will deeply reflect and review to prevent such scandals”

Ah, the old deep reflection trick. 60% of the time it works every time.

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Translation: “We will switch to 100% damage control and hype up some other news to hopefully change media attention.”

Does anyone have his number and know which brand ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue:asking for a “ friend”

Wait a second…am I having some sort of dejavu? Wasn’t there something similar earlier this month or last month? I remember some people were smuggling…maybe drugs?..while accompanying their country’s president to some meeting?

Yup. At least it wasn’t 40kg of cocaine. Sounds like an equally retarded attempt to get the stuff through customs, though. Doesn’t say much for the quality of Taiwan’s NSB, does it, if their agents can’t pull off a simple smuggling operation without looking like complete amateurs.

Brazil, I think

The country’s Brazil and the meeting was G20.

Or were you thinking of this?

Right! Bolsonaro’s staff! It seems to be a trend this year.

It’s not smuggling per se. People might be missing what is going on here. They’re getting staff from the duty free warehouse to hand over landed cigarettes for them to carry out through the VIP channel. So it involves the presidential security, the airport security, and the duty free warehouse staff.

These are the cigarettes you can buy after disembarking and prior to immigration.

local news went from 50 names involved to over 100, including (rough translation) some “rich wives club”

I know, I was just poking fun at spooks who aren’t very good at spooking.