CIHL 2008-2009 Season

The CIHL’s 5th season begins Saturday at The Egg (corner of Nanjing East and Dunhua).

The first game is a rematch between last year’s finalists, the champion Chiayi Sharks and the Taichung Lions.
Game Two features last year’s expansion team, the Kaohsiung Mustangs and this year’s new comers, the Tainan Dragons (saddled with Jaboney in net).

9:15pm Taichung Lions vs. Chiayi Sharks
10:45pm Kaohsiung Mustangs vs. Tainan Dragons

7:45pm Kaohsiung Mustangs vs. Chiayi Sharks
9:15pm Taichung Lions vs. Tainan Dragons
10:45pm Taipei Rhinos vs. Hsinchu Raptors

All games are free. Everyone’s welcome.

This weekend marks the opening of the fifth season of Taiwan’s most unique sports league!
Games will be held on the evenings of Saturday, Oct.4 and Sunday Oct 5th.

Come help The CIHL celebrate another season of the sport we love in our home away from home, Taipei Arena (Corner of Nanjing E Rd.and Dunhua S. Rd)

Some lucky fans will be given commemorative T-shirts or Pizzas from Famous Larry’s New York Pizza, and the folks from Sababa Pita Bar will be on hand to help feed those of us who miss out on the pizza. ADMISSION FOR ALL IS FREE

The official opener is Saturday night (Games at 9:30pm and 10:45pm) but we will also be celebrating on Sunday beginning at 7:45pm.

The CIHL is the only hockey league in Taiwan. There are 9 teams that will be competing from Oct 4 until the always-thrilling championship in April. The League seeks to bridge the local and ex-pat communities through the sport of Ice Hockey

Games are nearly every Saturday at 9:15pm and 10:45pm. Then again on Sunday 7:45pm, 9:15pm, and 10:45.

The full schedule will be available soon on the league home page

Hope to see you out there for what will be a great experience!

I’ll probably come along on Saturday and shoot some photos - it helps that I have a gf who lived in Canada and likes hockey.

That’s GREAT!

Long overdue CIHL update.

To date, the new look Rhinos and Lions are undefeated; this despite the Rhinos long running record of finishing in the CIHL basement, and the Lion’s unavailability of their first round draft pick.

Last year’s expansion team, the Kaohsiung Mustangs, sadly, continue to pull up lame, and are current 0-6. Meanwhile the Raptors and Tigers, who looked good at the draft, have yet to find their stride.

Rhinos…10 pts
Lions…8 pts
Sharks…6 pts
Bears…5 pts
Dragons…4 pts
Wolves…4 pts
Raptors…2 pts
Tigers…2 pts
Mustangs…0 pts

This weekend’s match-ups:

21:15 Wolves vs Tigers
22:45 Dragons vs Raptors

19:45 Tigers vs Dragons
21:15 Lions vs Bears
22:45 Raptors vs Rhinos

More information and game-by-game write-ups at