Circumcision (General Discussion)

Men, are you:

  • Uncircumcised?
  • Circumcised during infancy? (for whatever reason)
  • Circumcised as an adult for health-related reasons?
  • Circumcised as an adult for other reasons?

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I’d like to know if there are any statistics on circumcised vs. non-circumcised males in Taiwan, as well as numbers on boys/men who had to be circumcised when they were older due to infection.

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Why ??What possible use would this information be to anybody

I suggest a trip to the local health club - asking questions in the local room may get the desired result, remember to ask for proof :smiling_imp:

Now now… this is of importance to some mothers of infant sons and those who are expecting sons… who are weighing the pros and cons of circumcision.

OK, and some of us just have a prurient interest in all things Phallic :wink:


There is an huge debate going on among both medical professionals and non-medical professionals regarding the necessity and even the advantage or harm that might be caused by circumcision or lack thereof. Certainly expectant parents or parents of boys living in Tiawan might find information regarding procedures and problems in Taiwan worth consideration.


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Non-religious circumcision in the west seems to be more or less an American thing. Certainly no-one I know at home has had it done. American doctors used to say it lessens the chances of infection, but this is largely pooh-poohed by British doctors, who suggest occasional washing instead.

I saw many, many uncut versions at home in school locker rooms – when I was a schoolboy, I hasten to add – and don’t recall ever seeing anyone with willy rot. On the other hand, one of my American friends who was mutilated as a child claims that the head of his pecker is like leather and that it lacks sensation.

IMO, if you want to mutilate your baby, that’s up to you, but don’t do it for so-called “hygiene reasons” – its entirely unneccessary.

And of course, since the foreskin is a veritable jungle of nerve endings, having it hacked off is bound to hurt like the very devil, whether you’re a baby or not.

It’s too bloody late now, isn’t it.

Just did a Google search and turned up all kinds of information. Interesting reading at

I’ll be honest, Sandman, the only reason I have to justify possibly circumcising again was the hygiene issue, just because with two boys (5 and 11) it’s hard enough getting them in the habit of washing hands and taking a proper bath. Teaching them how to clean their bottoms is even worse… the more I read though, the more I’m convinced not to circ if this next one is a boy.

I’m still interested in any stats though, out of curiosity. Everyone who is against circ claims that sexual enjoyment is greater with an intact foreskin but 1) I have two friends with spouses who were circ’d as adults (due to infections) and they were so sensitive afterward they were getting erections “everytime there was a breeze”; 2) my husband and boys are circumcised and even my 5 yo seems to get quite a bit of (healthy and normal) enjoyment with his.


Don’t cut of things which were put there by nature.

Interesting topic. I’m taking the liberty of adding a poll. Hope that’s ok… :slight_smile:

We used to have fights in the school playground over this one. It was also a good way for picking footy teams at lunch time.

Bloody hell! The mind boggles! :astonished: :astonished:

Surely the “medical” reason for circumcision is more than just “I think my son will grow up unwilling to wash his willy” !? Bizarre.

WTF? You’re kidding right? Fights? :astonished:

Its nowhere near as bizarre as the thought of Amos and his pals running around the playground with their wee willie winkies flapping in the hot Australian wind.

I’m beginning to wonder if the English maybe had some kind of secret agenda with transportation back in the old days!

Thanks Maoman–hadn’t thought of a poll.

Hex, I think I’m already pretty much decided that if I have another boy, he won’t be circumcised (not that I was asking for opinions…) but yes, cleanliness was a genuine concern of mine and my husband’s too. It’s easy enough to keep them clean as young children when we parents are bathing them.


I don’t think circumcision for hygienic reason has ever been discussed in Germany. And still, there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with German guys in this regard :?

My brother is circumcised, for strictly medicinal reasons: his foreskin was too tight. I don’t know the technical term, but I believe this is the only reason why German boys would get circumcised (if it isn’t done for religious reasons).


[quote=“iris”]I don’t think circumcision for hygienic reason has ever been discussed in Germany. And still, there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with German guys in this regard :?

Could be an American thing… (even more :? )

Now Jewish circumcision, that fascinates me. A Jewish friend in NYC says some Jewish parents aren’t circumcising their boys these days and that it is like proclaiming that you are not Jewish. I was thinking last night, the first followers of J.C. were Jewish… so at what point did they stop circumcising their sons? :?


I’m serious mate. Even at Uni, we’d hand shit on the boys carrfying the extra load :wink:

Seems pretty obvious to me that if genital mutilation is going to be done, it had better be at the behest of the person owning the genitalia, not at someone else’s.
The very idea of parents even considering putting their babies under the scalpel because they’d read on the Internet that it was a wise thing to do scares the shit out of me.
Was it the baby pearls cult that did this to you?