hi, if anyone can help me show the way. my problem is i will be soon getting my taiwan I.D. i would really like to know that if i take this I.D. will i be allowed to keep my previous passport. will i be drafted. what should i do to avoid gettin drafted. or when the duration comes for me to take the I.D. is it o.k. if i don’t go and take at all.

Item #1: Do you support Taiwan independence? If so, why would you object to being drafted?

Item #2: Do you love Taiwan? If so, why would you want to keep a previous passport (from another country)?

I believe that if you are already a Taiwan citizen, you can keep your old passport. If your are under 42 and male, I think you will be drafted. I don’t have time to look this stuff up right now. Why don’t you just call the Ministry of the INterior and ask. Or talk to an immigration lawyer.

If I recall correctly from reading through other postings in this Forum, and in the General Legal Matters Forum, many people have asked similar questions to four different Taiwan government agencies (including overseas representative offices), and received four different replies.

However, for those people of Taiwanese ancestry, I imagine they are quite accustomed to such government inefficiency . . . . . . . . but at any rate . . . . .

Good luck!