Citroën's new electric car

I considered posting this in the electric scooter thread. I don’t know if this will take off, but I love the innovation like the 3-hour recharge and the ease of replacing parts.


in taiwan it would be completely pointless. even the 50 cc scooters like gogoro viva and wemo go faster than this and can already fit 2 people. they would also be easier to park.

small cars are a great idea and i think we absolutely need more small cars here with the tiny roads and tight parking spaces. but they need to be as useful as an actual car or there is no benefit over riding a scooter.

I’m a Citroën enthusiast and member of some Citroën clubs, this car is causing all sorts of stupid comments.
Hey the best, sensible one I’ve seen yet is this on a non Citroën group.

I think for Taiwan that is so true.

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Don’t know about the Citroen car but these are super cute. Possibly the cutest car and scooter ever.


I don’t think it will fit me.

I like the Toyota iroad
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It’s cool. And it might work in a place like Japan where drivers are courteous and actually follow the rules of the road.

With your height you need one of these…


I think tiny car is a great idea in Taiwan :blue_car:

  • Allow it to park in the marked scooter parking spots using 2 scooter spots on the streets and in the parking lots and shopping malls with scooter only entry
  • Open up some parking spots on narrow tiny sideroads where larger cars have no space to pass
  • Great for navigating the tiny streets and sideroads
  • Protect from rain, pollution, etc.
  • Air conditioning a plus if available.
  • Charges in 3 hours, about the same as a smartphone. Or develop one with the same swap out batteries as Gogoro.
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