City Playgroup Rummage Sale Nov 18 DONATE & SHOP!

(Note to moderators - please don’t move this to events section, many parents no longer look in events as, well, they usually can’t attend…)

Our “Cityplaygroup” is holding a rummage sale on November 18th, starting at 10am I believe, address:

#80 Tianxiang Road, by ZhongShan/MinQuan intersection, with nearest mrt being Minquan West Road Station, lots of parking, and lots of buses going by.

Some Forumosans have attended the rummage sale before. We collect donations of children’s preloved clothing, books, toys, games, CDs, etc, as well as maternitywear. We then resell these items at very good prices, donating all proceeds to a charity that works with children in Taiwan. This year’s cause has yet to be confirmed.
Any donated items that are left over after the big rummage are donated to a group that provides assistance to families in need in the mountain areas of Taiwan.

We also have a drink and snack table, run by the “older” kids in our group, giving them experience at buying and selling. Proceeds from this are also donated.

If you would like to
donate items (we can arrange soemone to pick up from you, or you can just bring them along on the day)
offer to help out on the day
come along but have more questions

Please feel free to PM/email/call me.

I will post more information as we have it!

Katrina 0935020590
(If I don’t answer please leave a message and I will get back to you.)

OK, time is 9:30am start. This year the building has invited us to use their lobby so it will be more spacious than past events.

Don’t be shy about calling for people to pick up donations, everything is appreciated.

From the flier…

This is your chance to de-clutter! Donate your child’s outgrown clothing, toys, books, etc, for a worthy cause!

Call to arrange delivery or pick-up, or bring them along on the day!

Michele 0955-360-693 (Nankang/Xinyi)
Jennifer 0954-05-7757 (delivery only - address below)
Joanne 0917-770-407 (Tianmu/Shipai/Shilin)
Katrina 0935-020-590 (all other areas)

1st Floor#80天祥路Tianxiang Road

by the corner of Zhong Shan N. Rd. Sec. 2 and Min Quan W. Road

·Basement parking
·MinQuan West Road Station on the Red Line of the MRT
·Just 3-5 minutes walk from many bus stops

This is followup to our event, so you can see who benefited from the proceeds etc.

Hi everyone,

First of all, a very big thank you to everyone who helped make this rummage sale such a great success! The volunteers, people who so generously donated items, and everyone who came along. To Tish and the Hyatt for their yummy pastries. And a very special thank you to Jennifer Chau, who put in so much time arranging the venue, coordinating everyone, setting up the night before and doing the followup with her building.

I just wanted to let everyone know that this rummage sale we raised $30,150 for charity! This year we will give the money to Harmony Home. This organisation works with AIDS sufferers in Taiwan and China. We are donating the money to help with their work with the children in their care. You can read more about Harmony Home here:

In addition, the remaining items after the sale were donated to two groups.

This time, we donated the maternity wear to a project that two doulas some of you are familiar with are working on. Trena and Holly are setting up a program to assist unwed mothers in need in the Kaohsiung area. I can’t find a website link so I hope someone can share more information about their project.

Everything else was collected by Peitro, who will distribute it to families in need in the Nan Ao area (between Ilan and Hualien). Peitro extended a very generous invitation for us to visit the families who have received these donations over past rummage sales. If this comes about, I will let you all know.

I do hope you all enjoyed meeting other families and that you picked up a bargain or two.