Citymapper transport app now in Taiwan

The public transport app Citymapper has recently launched in Taiwan, covering all public transport modes and major cities including Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Chiayi.


But we already have Google maps…



Does it allow you to click individual bus stops and mrt stations to get live arrival times?

yep, you can do it from the home screen via the map, or with the ‘Buses’ button

Oh I used to use this in London

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It seems to work for Taipei, but if I click an mrt station in Kaohsiung it only lists trains in one direction…

If you’re in one of those new cities, give Citymapper a shot. It’s not terribly different from Google Maps, but it’s better at fitting multiple transit options onto the screen at once and has a big fat “Get Me Home” button on the home screen. It’s one of the most useful buttons in the history of buttons.


looks good and it also includes You Bikes

On website using iPad.

  • Doesn’t look very useful for planning at home before departure.
  • No routes pictured.
  • No driving option.
  • Only one option offered for public transport.
  • Base is Google Maps.

Seems to drastically over estimate the time of bus trips… %like g maps but indeed