Cks airport parking

Does anyone know if cks has a car park where I can leave my car for 5 days while I am out of town? What are the rates?

Many thanx.

Yes they do. The rates, AFAIR, are not too steep (I might be wrong – I’ve never parked long term there, but there’s a sign in the short-stay parking lot that has the rates and terms on it. I remember thinking the cost of parking for a month would be cheaper than a taxi out and back, but not a great deal cheaper.)

there is a big privately owned parking garage near the off-ramp. has a shuttle to the airport. being a motorscooterer i don’t know the rates as i just park it a kilometer away and walk in. motorcycles are not permitted at CKS airport.

Having never parked there, I assume i only need to get a normal ticket and when return pay the fee at that time. Is this parking lot clearly marked?

Sorry for the additional questions, will be arriving in the middle of rush hour and may not have as much time for my usual mistakes.

Whoa Nelly! I’m pretty sure its not as simple as that, as I believe the long stay car park is separate from the regular one. If you are planning to just drive out and find the car park before your flight, I would make sure you give yourself PLENTY of time to do so.
I have only ever parked in the “arrivals” car park, and if you drive all the way in, you will see the sign, which is pretty clear and in English.
Maybe its easy to find the long stay carpark if you go to the “departures” car park, but this is Taiwan, so I wouldn’t bet on it. Don’t let yourself get caught short!

Thanks. Yes knowing Taiwan and my ability to get lost I’ll give myself an hour to find the place.

Thanks for all the info.

My flight left from Terminal 1 and there is long stay parking at that terminal in the departures parking lot. It’s not that obvious but you can park there for extended periods.

Rates seemed quite fair but I’m not sure exactly what I would have paid as my Visa gives me free parking at the airport.

Be prepared for some walking! Entering the terminal for departure is bad enough if you are carrying some luggage (its a small hike) but on return its unbelievable especially if you return quite late after a long flight like I did. The path I was instructed to take was to leave the arrivals area, walk outside around the building, enter the departures area, then walk under the roadway, and then up the stairs to the parking lot. Long route at 12:30am with luggage loaded with souvenirs.