CKS Memorial Hall officially Taiwan Democracy Memorial

The Executive Yuan has changed the name of the CKS Memorial to the Taiwan Democracy Memorial. You can read the details on Taiwan Matters, but it is a done deal. Now about those walls…

Great about the Taiwan Democracy part, but Memorial? Really? ~sigh~

Democracy is Dead! Long Live Democracy! Ah, we hardly knew ye…

(what an incredibly green website that is)

My life in Taiwan has increased greatly when changed the name. Pollution decreased, the pavements are safer and my work rights increased.

yeah, and the LY has afternoon tea sets…

Is the Great Dictator still sitting in state lording it over Democracy Hall? How quaint!

yes but they’ve modified his face…his teeth are stained red and like the eternal flame he now has the eternal betelnut between his gnashers…

(oh and he’s wearing flip-flops)

Time to move the sycophantic guards (well, they may not be sycophantic but their routine is) and the Oh-my-God-I’m-having-an-Abe-Lincoln moment statue now.

And leave the walls UP, it cuts the city noise and makes the park a place of peace amidst the inanity of Wedding Shop street.

They can call it what they like, it will always be the “big blue tit” to me.


While I am glad the CKS moniker has gone I think a little more thought could have gone into the new name.

I won’t get really excited about the name change until the MRT changes the name of the CKS Memorial Hall Station.

They should make some other needed changes while they’re at it…

But they won’t. You see, the powers that be at the Taipei City Government held a meeting and approved everything, so any incorrect Pinyin is not really wrong.

I wish I were making that up, but I’m not. :wall:

I would be really happy when they change the whole damn country into a readable form. Just try to go to Keelung… (Traditional Chinese: 基隆; Hanyu Pinyin: Jīlóng; Tongyong Pinyin: Jilóng; Wade-Giles: Chi-lung; POJ: Ke-lâng)

Or everyone could just learn to read Chinese. :laughing:

we try our best, you know, and you shouldn’t be making fun with us. We were just born in countries where more efficient writing standards where created (and not writing standards meant to keep the peasants as peasants).

Or you could try to get rid of all the Chinese in Taiwan, like those efficient people in Italy. :laughing:

Hmmm… nobody left but aborigines, Southeast Asian laborers and Western expats.

I never heard that the Romans got rid of Chinese characters, before they created the roman alphabet… care to share some of your sources with us?

The local government in Treviso has ordered the northern Italian city’s Chinese restaurants to remove red lanterns from their windows because they look too “oriental.”

Treviso, just outside Venice in the north-eastern Veneto region, is run by the populist, anti-immigrant Northern League.

Last month tensions between the police and the Chinese community in Milan flared into street clashes over a traffic dispute in the city’s Chinatown district where wholesale clothing stores are located.

“From now on we’ll be making regular checks and after the lanterns we’ll be looking at all the other decorations around the entrances of the oriental restaurants,” Marton warned.[/quote]
Looks like the efficient Italians feel the Chinese immigrants there are becoming a blemish to Western artistic taste.

Yes the DPP rarely think through the international policy, why should they be any different in their domestic policy. Correction VP Lu invited the aborigines to leave a few years back, are they still around?

I’m sure the western expats and the SE laborers will get along fine on the island.

you forgot also that more than half of the Chinese restaurants in Portugal closed because of judicial order…

oh, but that was because they didn’t fulfil hygiene standards…

So you come with a stupidity from a stupid guy (if he is from the Northern League, he is stupid to begin with). That doesn’t account much. I was sincerely hoping you would bring something about Romans ditching out the Chinese characters, but you just bring some racist stuff from racist people. And hey, I’m not Italian, so why should I even care?