CLA say students can legally work!

The China Post today (5-Sept-2001) printed a story about new labor rules. Thrown in at the bottom was a bit about how the CLA had revised rules so that foreign students can legally work.

To quote from the article:

"They [the CLA] said the new rules will also allow foreign students studying in Taiwan to find employment holding entry visas. The new rules will also exempt qualified students from applying for work permits if they want to take up jobs.

But the rule will apply to students from nations that have signed reciprocal agreements with Taiwan. New Zealand has become the first foreign county that has reached such a pact. The government will negotiate for similar agreements with other nations."

I can’t believe it because it sounds too good to be true. I am especially skeptical of anything I read in Taiwan about new, revised rules.

Anybody have any other info or clarifications on this new rule? Is it now in effect or what?

There is a section in the Employment Services Act. Promulgated on May 8, 1992

"Article 47

An employer wishing to employ foreign students attending public or private colleges or universities shall apply to the Ministry of Education for permission. Such permission and related measures of recruitment and supervision shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Education together with the competent central authorities.

The work of these foreign students is not subject to the prescriptions of paragraph one of Article 43. Except for summer or winter vacation, there shall be a ceiling of 12 working hours per day."

I have always wondered about this and how it applies to people ‘studying’ Chinese at a Language school for 2 hours a day.

Any more info on this would be great!

Any more info?