Claiming foreign dependent for Taiwan taxes

Hey everyone,

I know I will go ask a tax professional after this, but I’ve heard that foreigners that support a parent overseas can claim them as a dependent on Taiwan taxes.

Does anyone have experience with this? What does the tax bureau usually require?

Their website says “the household registration or the official certificates of the dependent should be submitted”. What does this mean? Ha.

Copy of their id. To prove age. Copy of a recent bill to prove they are alive. Bank statement showing you sent money to them. The statement to prove you sent them money is kind of bs. I’ve provided a statement showing me sending money from my Taiwan acc to my foreign account before. I’ve heard of people arguing that they don’t need to provide proof they sent money because Taiwanese don’t need to prove they gave money to their parents to get the deduction.


I wonder, can step parents also be listed as dependents, and is there a maximum number of dependents one could have? Both my parents re-married, so with my wife’s parents too, I could potentially list 6 parental dependents.

I guess you’ll also need to show a birth certificate to prove you are their child?

I didn’t. Not sure what would happen if they had a different surname.

My parents said “no”. :sweat_smile: Easy.

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My parents are a pain in the arse about providing me with a recent letter/bill. Literally a 30 second job to take a picture of the bill.


Thanks for the info! I’ll see if my mom is up to it. Seems pretty simple.

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