Clarification regarding 183 days and conscription "deferral"?

Good day. I’m a dual citizen and have recently returned to Taiwan to see my family for a few months. I plan to return to Canada to take care of pending matters. and am unable to fulfill the conscription expectation.

However, is it correct that I have 183 days in Taiwan before the conscription summons is raised? Does the fact that I have re-registered as a returning household national ID have any effects on the conscription process.

Secondly, do I have to apply for “deferred enlistment”? or can I simply leave before the 183 days? Thank you for your help.

Never mind – I made a call to the Immigration Office and received the answers I was looking for.

It would be good to share your answers for others.

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As far as I know deferment is for people attending college.

This is also why so many people would seek graduate studies even at relatively unknown private universities who are little than degree mills. It’s all for draft deferment.

The idea is defer conscription as long as possible until service period is reduced to nothing.