Clash of the titan posters

Not that I am really in reality advocating this, but I have wondered what would happen if the regular posters, and we know who that would include, were to arrange for a face-to-face meeting in some pub on a specified evening.
Would it be interesting to see the person behind the nickname (of those that you don’t already know), and exchange ideas or would there be an epic knock-down, drag-out brawl?
Would we all be civilized in person or would we be forced to check our weapons at the door and hope for the best?

The only guy I’d be likely to shish kebab would be the other guy that goes by Joe something. He and I go over like a bottle in a bar fight. He hasn’t posted for a while so maybe he was one of the guys that pissed X on Christmas and blew for Thailand.

Bri delicately mustard gassed invitations to have an oriented table at his wedding citing this thread.

What else did you have in mind, Wolf? I’m game.

What I had in mind was for everyone to dress up in chicken suits and bring one of those child caning devices. We’d all wear “Hi I’m XXX” stickers, get legglessly drunk and then beat the stuffing out of each other.
Unfortunately, my chicken suit is at the cleaners…

Sorry to post this here - oriented wouldn’t let me start a new topic.

Has anyone seen the Nazi shop on Chung Shiao East Road - just East of Chung Shioa Shing Sheng MRT Station? I can’t understand how such a thing can be allowed - I just hope there isn’t a market for Nazi uniforms and badges in Taiwan. Am I alone in being appalled?

Does anyone have the address of the Jewish society in Taipei so I can inform them?

Would such a thing be allowed back home? I can’t help thinking that it would be shut down pretty quick.

I think we’d have to meet someplace equidistant from all of the newspapers, buxibans, etc., to make things fair when the going gets rough and we call our co-workers in for support, a la the taxi drivers here.

Nazi stuff here just seems to happen now and then. The DPP even used Hitler in one of their ads a while back. A few years ago I saw this in Danshui. Wonder if it’s still there.

It’s strange to the westerner, but then Chinese never fought Hitler and so don’t have the connotations westerners do.

Hey, “so terrible,” if you want to start a new topic, try registering instead of posting where you don’t belong. It’s sort of not on, you know?

Let’s all meet at the Nazi shop and FIGHT!!!

Swastikas make nice shirikins.

“The aikido master has mental discipline such that his opponent is defeated before a single blow is landed.” – Stogy-san

Well, the chance to frolick a bit together is now. Oriented happy hour this thursday at trader vic’s 19:00 PM. Don’t know if I dare to show up though. Too many enemies here for my taste…

Happy Hours for professional networking tend to draw people who enjoy errr… going to Happy Hours for professional networking.

If you aren’t the type to enjoy such events, you probably won’t errr… come.

Online forums tend to draw from the entire pool of personalities, some who absolutely despise the whole concept behind professional and/or social networking, offline events. And that’s cool too.

Different strokes for different folks, we’re just glad to be able to offer a bit of the variety and hope to offer even more services in the near future… some of which will be used by people who never network and never partake in online forums.

So folks, relax, relax! Happy hours are an age-old concept. I seriously doubt that ours are going to all of a sudden defy the traditional definition of them regardless (or because) of these forums so for those of you who do enjoy mingling at such events, come!

I’ll have my bat with me in case anyone tries to hurt you, lol!

“Free your mind and your ass will follow…” Red-I