Classes in running or starting a business in Taiwan

Hi, does anyone know of any institution which runs courses in starting or running a business in Taiwan, preferably with some English? Having been here for a few months, it is very clear that the business environment here is very different from every other country in which I have lived, plus of course the language barrier What I would like is an intro course which highlights the following:

  • Setting up a business
  • Common mistakes or pitfalls
  • Understanding basic accounting and tax requirements
  • Legal environment
  • Customs and other requirements
  • Anything else?

Would be great if a business institution did this as I would like to attend (and in doing so will also improve my Chinese for sure!)


You could PM Loretta.
He runs a Tedx group on entrepuership in Taiwan. Could probably give you some information/point you to some.

Have you seen llary’s thread on setting up a rep office in Taiwan? Here it is: [url]Llary's (almost) Complete Guide to Rep. Office Registration

And Loretta has some stuff in the sticky above this thread.

What about your country’s chamber of commerce? Would be a good place to ask.

Thank you so much for your replies! Will definitely look into the info.

Are the Forumosa business meets still running in Taipei? You will get all the info you need and more for free.

They are unfortunately not.