"Classified View"

Rather dislike the beta classified view now testing on the various for sale, employment, etc forums…

Anyone else?

I don’t find that view useful either: if I want to read discussions I’ll do that; if I want to post an ad. I’ll do that. I know the administration would like the ads. sections to be more widely used and I agree with them, but I don’t think this is the best way to go about it.
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In another thread:[quote=“twocs”]I go to Tealit all the time, but only to check the classifieds. It’s one of the places to check good jobs, if only because there are a lot of ads there. However, I got my job on forumosa.com![/quote]
What could Forumosa.com do to improve its Classifieds Forums? Please post below (don’t PM me, my inbox is full)

How about more of “Sexy young trollope wants ugly overweight foreigner to give her a good spanking” ?

Not really

More of? Some of, you mean?

I guess that Forumosa needs to have more jobhunters using the service in order to attract more ads. More jobhunters will use the service when there are more ads. Catch 22.

Maybe someone who has time on their hands could spend all day writing to every advertiser on Tealit popinting out that ads on Forumosa are free and attract a better class of teacher. (Hmm, that last bit might discourage them.) Then post some physical ads in all the places where bignoses hang out drawing attention to this great new resource.

Allowing user profiles to include photos and CVs might help. Potential employers at tealit need to have paid for an ad to browse the profiles there. A free find-a-teacher service would be one way of attracting employers and therefore teachers, or indeed anyone else. A searchable directory of Forumosans would be especially useful, if it was easy to use.

I started looking through the list of Oriented members a few days ago and was amazed at how difficult it was. Imagine if the Forumosa directory allowed you to list your areas of expertise, and people to search the directory for people who matched their needs. Need a translator? Ask Forumosa. Need a kindy teacher to sub? Ask Forumosa. Need a long term development manager, financial analyst, or just a damn good spanking from an ugly overweight foreigner? Ask Forumosa.


I think a big thing is the chance to make a comment about an ad. My friend posted a teacher wanted ad on forumosa. She got some people making comments about the pay not being so great, the hours being too long, etc.

She later paid to put the same ad on Tealit.com, and got someone who wanted the job who had 5 years of experience teaching in Taiwan. I think you need to make sure moderators move the ads into the right section and then don’t let people heckle.

Tealit has about 15 new job ads each day. That’s why I go over there. I’m not even looking for more work, but I’d like to see what people are offering.

This is something I’ve been wanting to add for a long, long time. But I have had neither the skills, nor the time to learn the skills, to get this done right. I even shared the idea with TaiwanHo! way back when, hoping to stir up their enthusiasm – but they also lack the time and expertise

I thought about copting the old ORIENTEDdotorg People Directory code – built in reliable PERL Script (DBman), but I wanted to use MySQL instead of a flat file system because of concerns with scale (so, I think big, can you blame me? :wink:).

[url=http://forumosa.com/3/viewtopic.php?p=144865#144865]Click here to open my thread where I want to collect ideas about building a free-find-a-teacher database. Please post types of information you believe would be useful for schools looking for teachers and that prospective teachers would want to highlight.

I hope that some kind soul will pick up the gig as a PHP/MySQL project and we can propose it as a “tool” for Forumosa.com[/url]

Go the whole hog, and have an online test to determine whether the teacher actually knows anything about English, or teaching theory. Then sell certificates and have Forumosa become the de facto licensing authority for education professionals.

Actually, tealit.kom usually have between 2 and 8 new jobs each day. If someone edits the job posting, I think the database considers the ad to be a new ad. It takes a long time (in excess of 15 seconds) for the 100 item list to be processed, so, because I don’t like to wait, I only go there once every 3-4 days.