Clean Criminal Record (From America) Question about Place

Hello –

I am an American citizen. I searched for the answer, but couldn’t quite find the definite answer to my question.

Does the Clean Criminal Record NEED to come from the FBI or can it come from just MN and IA (the two states that I have resided)?

I am hoping for the “just MN and IA” because that would be easier.


Where ever you are now, just go to the PD and ask them for one.
It still needs to be sent to the TECO office for their chop.
There is lots of info about this procedure on here. Somebody asks this every 2 weeks or so.
Good Luck!

You should check in the “Certification” sub-forum.

A lot of people get their CCRD from the California Dept. of Justice. That is a good option as well.

Texas Department of Public Safety worked for me. Never heard any suggestion it had to be from the FBI.

Got mine from the Santa Clara Police Department.

Beaverton OREGON City police station