Clean up Tamsui beach

Hey all. I live in Taipei but my favorite place to relax is the beach in tamsui (even though I can’t swim there & it’s full of garbage). I want to pick up the garbage today, anybody know where I can buy a few pink garbage bags and where I can put them after I clean them up? I don’t have a car or motorbike… just a Ubike so I can’t carry much.

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I applaud your effort! Thanks for spending your time for the good of the community and for making Taipei a nicer place to live :smiley:

You can buy regular trash bags at any 五金行. However, if you want to dispose of the garbage, you might need to get the official Taipei city trash bags, which you can get at convenience stores. Maybe someone who understands the system better can confirm this?

Typically, there are garbage cans in MRT stations, next to some bus stops and in/around public parks.

I think you can buy it at any convenience store.
You can use Taipei blue bags too.

Tamsui Fixed picking up garbage truck location

Btw, New Taipei city encourages organizations help to clean beaches.

Try to get in touch with organizations that cleans beaches. Doing it yourself won’t make a dent and will be hellish.

Just so you know most the trash in the beaches does not come from Taiwan but are washed ashore from other continents, ships at sea, garbage barges (in the US they have been known to throw garbage straight into the sea). You will be surprised how far trash can travel.

I am just me, but even 1 bag of trash picked up is a bag of trash picked up. :wink: Also, I’m not really concerned with where the trash came from, just it’s pretty nasty on the beach so I wanted to clean it up.


There was actually a clean up yesterday not too far from Danshui.

Lots of organizations that go out on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for them.

You can volunteer for those organizations and you will get far more done. They will have trucks and stuff so you don’t have to worry where to take it to.

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I just found this event:

They do a beach clean up at Jingshan beach once a week.

If you like to help with beach clean up this is a better way to go. They provide lunch, and you won’t have to worry about where to take the trash to as they’ll have arrangements for this. They also provide rides to the beach.

Just an update - I went today and saw some guys about to leave on their scooter and they took the bags for me.