Wanted: 10-15 people who desire immediate relief to try & evaluate (portable) state of the art air purification unit. No cost / obligation.
Call Matt Brandt @ 09-3648-1394 or 02-2895-3117

Only if you are not an Aum Shinrikyo cult member.

Jeepers are you joking? Just wondering…

Give the guy a break, I called him this morning and it’s legit.



Thanks for your sense of Humor and wit… I assure you we are real; 17 years in business and nearly 5,000,000 units sold to happy customers in North America.

If you are interested, take a look at the posting under “immidiate relief” in the Announcements Forum. There is substantial information about who we are and what we are doing there. Wish you the best,


legit, jeff?

if CleanAir is trying to market these things thru Oriented, is this the forum for it?


That would be ORIENTED not oriented, and yes you are correct, thus I am moving this thread and combining it with one in Annoucements. Please see for a continuation of this thread.