Cleaning felt hats

I have some cutom made western style hats (cowboy hats) and they get soiled occasionally. Recently I was with a mates in Tianmu when the wind whipped my favorite off my head and sent it to the street, Horrors of horrors, a bus passed over it and it got caught in the underframe of the bus and was ejected at the next stoplight, Keep in mind that it was custom made for my somewhat enlarged head. It was not easily replaceable. My mates and I recovered the remainder which was richly embellished with road soot and bus oil.
I took it to my local drycleaner that usually does my wool suits and other items. When it came back, it look and fit like new. There was no trace of damage and it looiked and felt like the day I got it in Tucson. I heartily endorse the local drycleaning firms.
I pay 50 NT for drycleaning for pants.
50NT for washing and pressing dress shirts
The hat cleaning cost 100 NT but I was damned pleased to pay. The hat cost me 700 U.S.
Now, that’s service and I just continue to love my adopted home.
BTW, a shop in Hsinchu tried to charge me 100 NT for each shirt washed and ironed. I only went once. Too much. 50 per item is ok, at least as I see it.