Clearing an apartment after 8 years

I’ve heard that you can pay guys to come by and take away all your old stuff. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m in a hurry to clear my apartment so if I can’t sell / give away the old sofa, desk etc, I will need someone to pick it up.

I live in XinYi, where they are really cracking down on folks dumping stuff on the street - if anyone knows how to arrange a proper collection, I’d be very grateful.

Also, what on earth do you do with old, dead DVD players, computer towers and other obsolete technology?

I think you can call the EPA to arrange pickup of some of it - I’m not 100% sure though. Do a search for EPA and garbage collection - it’s been mentioned on here somewhere before.

Yes, EPA will come take away furniture and electrical items. For free.

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what a relief, thanks. I’ll get onto them…not sure I should burden anyone with the old sofa…

Your blue trash bag has the number right on it. :wink:

Edit: Be careful, because there is a rule about putting stuff out after 10pm for collection the next day. Any earlier and you could be fined. Happy trashing!