Cleveland Indians to drop their mascot

Any suggestions on a new name?

Cleveland Pakistanis



My high school mascot was the Mohican. We just always associated the name with a strong warrior image of the Mohican tribe. The mascot was changed to the Panther 17 years after I graduated.

I never thought the symbol of my school was disrespectful, but then again I’m not Native American so I guess I’m not qualified to judge.

Cleveland Cuyahogas

Cleveland Base Jumpers

Cleveland Indians but the Indians from India.

Cleveland Rocks


I love the museum but “ya dumb as a rock.”

Hard pass.

Not bad, but you could phrase it better.

Cleveland Indians uhh no from India

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What did the local Mohican tribe say?

There are tribes like the Seminole and the Ute that want the mascot to raise awareness.

Cleveland Firsts

I wanna claim that the ‘Vancouver Canucks’ is racist. Also Montreal Canadiens.

Seriously, I can see ditching the mascot, but the name seems fairly innocuous- Florida Seminoles?
New York Yankees? the Knicks?
The Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL have dropped the name (they should just drop the CFL)

You’re talking of a sports team or a programmers group? :smiley:


Cleveland Cleavers


Good one!

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I don’t know, it’s just supposed to be a fun thing for everyone, so get another name for your funball team. The Squirrels, or Trees, or Pogo Sticks, or whatever.

Cleveland Browns!


All joking aside, I actually like this one.


That’s another programmers club.

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