Does anyone know where I can climb in Taipei?
I mean…rock climbing…indoors…because I’m pretty new on this field.

I know I’ve posted this somewhere else before, but here a go:
Ron’s Climbing Page

And Rock Taiwan

Try this:

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I know I will when I get to Taiwan.

I once read something about a cafe called “Little Whiskers Cafe” on Binjiang Street (Zhongshan District) where they had a small indoor climbing wall. Has anybody heard of that? Is it still around?

There also is a small (outdoor) climbing wall for exercising on the grounds of NTU (somewhere close to the tennis courts). It’s probably not “public” but I don’t think people mind if a foreigner tries his luck there. It’s very small, though.

Oh, and I just found this on Google (don’t you guys google???):


Miltown’s right. The best link is Ron’s climbing page. IMO the best indoor climbing is at Y17 on renai and linsen. They are talking about opening a gym in Neihu I believe. The best bouldering gym for the hardcore is Lan zhou Jie. Obviously the best outdoor climbing is Longdong, but be careful (I had a fall there). If your interested, now is not the best time to climb longdong (cold and windy). Around end-april or May, it should be awesome. I think it is the most beautiful place in Taiwan. Excellent climbing. Right now you should go to Hsintien to get your outdoor climbing fix. Xiaohuzi’s place is closed.

Do anyone know where I can buy the climbing shoes?

I don’t climb, but my friend did (he’s since left Taiwan) and would you believe, I went with him to buy rock climbing shoes! He got them at one of those hiking / mountaineering stores near the Taipei train station.

Is that on Chung Shan road, near the intersection with Chung Hsiao? Somebody post the address if it’s handy, otherwise I have to edit this post later after the next time I go by there. Or maybe you’ve already discovered the shops.

Yeah, I don’t think you need the address, those shops are easy to find, on the Zhongshan N RD part of the NW corner of the intersection of Zhongshan N/S Rd and Zhongxiao W/E Rd, right near Taipei main station.


Thanks …
I think I “kinda” know where it is… will check it out after visiting the Climbing place . :slight_smile:

Thank you for those information, otherwise I might need my friend to send one from Canada then.