Clove Cigarettes

Does anyone know of a place in Taipei that sells clove cigarettes?

I particularly like Djarum clove cigs from Indonesia, but could try another brand if need be.

I am in Taipei for the month of March, I only brought one pack from America and they have run out.

Please let me know how to get to any places you mention.

Thank you,


There’s a place that sells newspapers and chops and post cards about mid-way down Shi Da Lu that has Indonesian clove cigarettes. (It also has the Inernational Herald Tribune and the AWSJ.)

Um, OK. Go to Shi Da Road. Walk on the side of the road away from Roxy Junior and the park. If you are coming from the Taipower Building MRT station, walk north toward Shi Da and the Mandarin Training Center. Pass the Wellcome, pass the alley for Grandma Nitti’s, and keep walking til you hit a restaurant that sells dumplings and noodles (it has tables on the sidewalk). The shop will be after this place.