Club 75 Sunday BBQ

The Sunday BBQ at Club 75 (from 4:30) is quite nice. Pork Chops, Chicken, sausage, shrimp, corn on the cob, Salad fries, much more. All you can eat NT300. Out on the patio, with cold beers and cool company… ah quite nice.


Where is this place?

Chung Shan N. Rd, Sec. 6, No. 75. It’s across the street from the BMW dealership. About a 3 minute walk from Chih Shan MRT Station (near the Post Home).

430pm to when, and is it only on Sunday? Also, how are drink prices there? I have seen the place many times just not stopped in yet. Looked like an upscale place too, so didn’t want to just pop in wearing shorts and t-shirt and covered in sweat while walking down the street.

Runs to about 9:00 depending on how many people are there. Comfy lounge that has its Mabeline and GQ moments, but into reality. Shorts and t-shirt are fine. Beer prices? call me a rebel or a fool cuz i really never ask or look :unamused: i just drink.

I went to Club 75 last weekend. The inside was crowded with a lot of people dancing, but I was content to sit outside and enjoy the finally cooler weather. Had a couple of beers (I think it was NT$130 / bottle but don’t expect anything but a few major brands). The service was quick and the outside sitting area was quite nice. I’d recommend it if you’re in the area and have a small group of people.

Rocking tonight, it was.