Just giving everyone a heads up on a new club that just opened last
Wednesday (19 Dec 07): Club IMOLA. Located on Wufu 2nd Rd. No. 36. across from
the High School. It’s a few blocks down from the Wufu / Jhongshan
intersection on your left hand side(coming from Love River), right
before you get to Minchiuan Rd. It looks a bit out of place given the
location, so it’s hard to miss. Link to map:

This medium sized club/restaurant promises to be a foreign friendly
venue. The owner doesn’t want to attract the crowd that some of the
other larger clubs seem to have an abundance of. (Namely, young guys
wearing all black that hit foreigners over the head with bottles) The
club itself is separated into two parts, the dancefloor area and the
lounge area. The dancefloor is large enough for you to get your
groove on; the sound suits the venue; and the lounge area is comfy.

To top it all off, get this…they have an outdoor patio (where a dj
will be playing) with a swimming pool…yes, a swimming pool.
Granted, it’s no olympian sized pool, but it’s not a kiddie pool
either. Anyhow, for Kaohsiung, of Wufu rd…it’s better than
nothing. So expect some small pool parties when the weather changes.

Club IMOLA will have DJ’s every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
night. Hiphop, R&B, Pop on Wednesday/Saturday, and Electronic music
on Fridays. Other nights dj’s will be playing softer lounge music.

And to think it couldn’t get any better…well it does. There is
NEVER a cover charge, any night of the week. Even during special
parties. Just show up, find a seat, and enjoy yourself. Now, this no
cover charge is the policy for now…I’m not an owner or manager,
just a dj; but the owner tells me that he doesn’t ever want to have a
cover charge. However, you know that sometimes sh*t happens…so
it’s possible that could change in the future. But for now…come in
for free.

At the moment the kitchen isn’t ready. So no food this month. But a
full menu should be ready by next month.

Christmas and New Years parties are planned. Please check out the
flyer for more info (if you can read Chinese…sorry)

Last thing…if you’d like some free drink tickets for Club IMOLA, go
to Escape41 on Saturday the 22nd and find me (Glenn) and ask for one.
There should be enough to go around.

Hope to see you at IMOLA on Friday nights!! I’ll be spinnin’ my usual blend of
Breaks, Funky House, Tribal and prob some Electro House.

FYI, IMOLA is closed. (Has been for some time)

Forgot I posted this. Didn’t want anyone to walk into the talking bar/club whatever it is now. Would be embarrassing for ya unless you’re looking to choose a gal from the line of them that comes out at the owners request. (someone told me)

A shame too, cuz the club was nice. Not much else going on in K-town now for electronic music. (PP and Roof of course)

Damn, and I was heading down south in the coming weeks, and was hoping not to get hit over the head with a beer bottle.

:laughing: Well, supposedly Dreams has cleaned up their act. They’ve been posting on the Yahoo group Kaohsiung Living saying they don’t allow “Tai Ke” to enter. I received an email from their promoter saying they’re really enforcing that rule. Guess they want to make it “foreign friendly.” I’m not a hip-POP person myself, so I haven’t gone there to see if it’s true. Lamp, on the other hand, well…I’d definitely watch out for flying beer bottles.