Clubhouse is ruining my sleep

Have an early morning tomorrow. Up until 2am again. These rooms are so gd addictive…

Who else is on this godforsaken app?? Share the struggle, lemme know I’m not alone

I don’t even know what it is… :eyes:


Yeah, never even heard of it. Must be an L.A. thing…

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Not really, future NYC mayor is on it apparently

Well tonight it’s Tiffany Haddish’s free wheelin’ q&a show apparently

Edit: Tho this kind of format kind of lends itself to dating actually

L.A., NYC, same same… :sunglasses:

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No. Not even close.

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Lol. Sorry, cow.

I just meant in terms of creatives getting creative.

How do you find rooms you like?

Listening to someone talk until 2am?

Rooms like this sound like chaos.

The algorithm populates the rooms you see, that or someone else has to throw you a link separately, you can’t “find” rooms on your own take. It populates by who you follow. To guarantee to see a room is by following who you know will speak, then they’ll pop up on your hallway.

Moderators (room creators and the people they designate) are a big part of it and if it’s chaos, then the moderators aren’t doing their jobs.

It’s also not purely listening. Sometimes you chime in too so there’s dialogue. Or you mod a room yourself.

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It’s not joinable , you can however join the ‘waitlist’

it’s actually insanely addictive. Not saying it’s a great app or that it will be revolutionary long term, but it has been incredibly successful so far. A big question will be whether it can perform this well once the pandemic is over and when it hits the larger market (they are kinda in a “beta test” still)

It’s also hard to explain. You kinda have to experience it to understand. I had heard people raving about it for like 6 months or so, people telling me to join, and I had no interest really. And then my wife succumbed to the pressure and joined, and that’s when I finally saw how potentially beneficial it is and so I joined too lol. This was one week ago. Already very addicted.

Basically, it is like having the world’s largest, and never-ending, mega conference. There are rooms with seminars, panel discussions, hang outs, networking, etc, on every topic all the time. And you have a ticket to hop into any of them. There are a lot of famous people too…celebrities, thought leaders, political leaders, etc. So that adds some intrigue, cause you’ll stumble upon these folks, and sometimes even have the chance to talk to them directly (and in a lot of cases people have been able to connect outside clubhouse afterward to followup with some major players in their industry) and for what it’s worth I’ve noticed a lot of celebs on the app just listening as well and not necessarily participating (although it’s rare because even if a celeb is just trying to hang out they’ll often get roped into speaking since, you know, everyone recognizes them). So the point being, it’s that cool and addictive that many well-known people just like to hang out on it.

Alright that’s all I have to say for now. It is pretty fascinating to break down and analyze the app, it’s good and bad, and how it’s shaping the way we connect and communicate.

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That does not allow you to join.

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Have you tried? You may be able to get in. Download it and sign up…somebody in your network might be able to let you in. That’s what happened for both my wife and I.

Thinking about it a little bit more, I wanna add one more thought. The app is really great for people who are extroverted and want to connect with people. I’ve heard it said a lot and I agree…this app is THE BEST social media platform for forming actual connections with people.

But I mean, if you’re the half of the population (is it half? just assuming) that doesn’t actively enjoy meeting people, making connections, and the thought of going out and meeting strangers makes you shudder, then this app is probably not for you. You could still benefit somewhat from listening to a lot of amazing speakers in a multitude of topics, but that’s not the differentiator with this app. I mean, there are tons of amazing talks on youtube for example. What is special about this app is how easy it is to connect with those speakers, and to anyone else, if you just reach out.

Also, sidenote, I think I saw that twitter has launched an audio platform that’s intended to be clubhouse competition. Not sure to what degree it has rolled out, but that’s something interesting to keep an eye out for.

Does it actually improve your life?

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I’m not interested in more social media. I’m trying to use less.

I hate how fake it is these days. Guys I know are dead broke wasting their life trying to show off and girls editing their photos when they don’t look anything like that in real life.


The photoshop thing is well known but what the actual f*ck?

Thankfully, clubhouse is audio only and you can only upload one profile pic.