Clubhouse is ruining my sleep

I’m guessing it’s popular because you feel like you are talking to celebs.and big shots. directly.
When that doesn’t happen anymore…

Choose your battles


haha I know… I know…

Last time I hired a product marketing person because he used app instead of APP. He got into NYU for a masters and left us :frowning: all the good ones do…


I wouldn’t judge people too much from using a certain lingo. Then you’ll only get people with the same background. Although APP grates with me too.

This is exactly what I want, don’t want people from the same APP background.


Good point Frank, particularly in Taiwan with low diversity .

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Anyways, I’m having a hard time finding decent rooms in Taiwan or its timezone. Any recommendations of people to follow? All the great rooms I’ve seen have been at 1-3 am Taiwan time and nothing to listen to during the day (except matchmaking couples crap).

The funny thing is that the whole point of calling it an app is to shorten the word application. It defeats the purpose when you say ayy pee pee.

It’s easier to pronounce if your language doesn’t have syllables that end in “p”.

APP - ㄟㄆㄧㄆㄧ or ㄟㄆㄜ

Honestly, what bothers me the most is the fact that they write APP instead of app. If it is easier to pronounce, then fine, but why bother with all caps?

Exactly, when I ask them what A, P and P means… they have a blank stare or just say the things you install on your phone and I immediately :man_facepalming:t5: mentally…

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I still haven’t really used clubhouse. It doesn’t look all that fun tbh. Do people actually speak in chats?

I think that’s only some of it. It’s definitely part of the draw, but I’m seeing a major increase in activity of regular rooms now. It’s like you get people in the door with celebs, and then they stay for other things.

Also, I don’t think you’re gonna have a “when that doesn’t happen anymore.” There are just so many “big shots” (leaders in their field) who have been on the app everyday and they’re not getting sponsored or paid or anything. It’s just part of their daily activity. In some industries, this is part of their work/business and it’s increased their efficiency at doing their work. My wife is one of these people (not necessarily a big shot but I mean she’s replaced a lot of her work time with more effective clubhouse time) As for bona fide celebrities, it seems like there are more and more coming on every few days. Daniel Day Kim and Daniel Wu have been leading anti-racism discussions it seems like several times a week for several weeks now. Yesterday’s included Andrew Yang, Lisa Ling and Van Jones, along with a number of Asian-American politicians.

Joe Rogan crashed the servers a few days ago when he joined. Mark Zuckerberg did the same a few days before that. Elon Musk has been back a bunch of times. I was in a small room (I think <40) to welcome Randall Park when he first joined, and he’s doing a weekly show now. I got to talk to Matthew Berry (fantasy football personality). Again, this is part of the charm but no longer the main draw for me. I am now spending the majority of my time in Taiwan talks, where aside from one US politician and one Taiwanese politician who apparently like to hang out in our room and listen on the side, there are no celebrities and if there are any big shots, they aren’t in the room as big shots.

Anyway, the audio-only social media landscape is about to explode. I’m really excited to see what happens cause this will be quite a fun battle to watch and I have no horse in the race. There are small niche apps like “Spoon” and “Stereo” which are essentially fledgling competitors to Clubhouse (CH). But they exist and have gotten funding to try to compete in the space. There may be others too, but these are the only two I have explored. And then, far more importantly, you have Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook all developing their own clubhouse-type apps to try to crush them. This will be an arms race and quite honestly I don’t think ch will win. At best, imo, they might survive as a niche app, but I really think either Twitter or Facebook is going to come out way ahead in this. Twitter is still in very early Beta-mode and their functionality is already well-ahead of ch’s. Once they turn this feature on for all their daily active users, they will be about 100x larger than CH. For the most part, they’ve pretty much copied CH in almost every way and then added more tools that ch has been kicking around in development. My money is on Facebook though, but anyway, will be very interesting.

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