Clutch adjusting advice

My SYM 125 (Wolf, er… Legend, whatever, silver bike you see everywhere, not a scooter) was up on the centerstand the other day, engine running, and the rear wheel was spinning in neutral. Asked my mechanic about it, and he said it didn’t matter, but my hunch says this probably isn’t doing anything good for the clutch. I’ve adjusted clutches before on bigger bikes back in the States, but I had the luxury of a manual to walk me thru it. Anybody got any advice on how to do it on my fine piece of Taiwanese engineering?

Could be the cable? Adjust it at the clutch lever or where the cable runs into the clutch housing. Shouldn’t be running in nuetral though, that’s really strange.

I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t worry about this. Try this little experiment: with your wheel stopped, hold your clutch all the way in and see if the wheel starts spinning. Assuming your clutch is fully engaging, if the wheel begins spinning it is not a clutch problem. You could save yourself a lot of fruitless clutch adjustment.

Hope this helps.



The bike was in neutral so it obviously has nothing to do with the clutch. Perhaps some friction in the transmission causes a bit of traction on the rear wheel when in neutral. Nothing to worry about other than making sure you change the engine oil periodically.

Adjusting the clutch is very easy on that bike. There are two adjustments, one where the clutch cable attaches to the clutch lever and the other one is at the other end of the clutch cable. Unscrew the adjustment that threads into you clutch lever until the lever is tight then screw it back in until you have just a bit of slack in the cable. Done, it takes about 1 minute to do.



The gears still mesh while in neutral, but they are not locked to the countershaft. The drag from the oil film between the two is enough to rotate the gearbox output shaft and turn the rear wheel. It’s normal, don’t stress about it.

Thanks for the assistance, all. Will try your test, Kamiwaza. Am a little disappointed my bike isn’t morphing into an auto-trans scooter after all ;->