CNY bonus from a Buxiban

I didn’t say that, did I?

I didn’t say anything about Taiwanese bosses at all, in fact. I was talking about the labor bureau.

I’ve never had a Taiwanese boss. Haven’t had a boss at all since 2014, actually. (Or maybe 2011 - the one in 2014 was more of an old friend and it was a fairly relaxed university research job.) And I’m very happy not to have to deal with bosses.

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Well not everyone have that luxury, and must deal with toxic people out of necessity.

This isn’t a business deal in equal terms between your name, Inc and the company you work for, the relationship is very unequal which is why there are labor laws.

But you made it sound like my sweeping generalization about Taiwanese bosses are wrong but this is something that most Taiwanese has tacitly accepted as a fact of life, and is conditioned to not fight for better conditions and so must depend on the government to fight on their behalf, who won’t because employers have bigger voice.

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Oh my god.

Again, I haven’t commented at all on Taiwanese bosses - I was responding to your sweeping statement about the labor bureau. I asked you where you got the information from, because I don’t believe it to be reliable/universal.

So again, have you had any recent dealings with the labor bureau where they were singularly unhelpful and siding with the employer, or did you just have problems with bosses, not do anything about it, and then make a sweeping, complaining generalization about it here?

So enlighten me on how helpful the labor department is.

Because what I just said is what many Taiwanese says. Bosses are assholes who makes them work overtime at 30,000nt a month with no additional pay. Must also be on call 24/7 as well.

If they complain to the labor department, will they do something about that?

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I take it that’s a “no, I don’t have any experience dealing with the labor bureau”, then.

Thanks for playing. :upside_down_face:

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An hour overtime on a factory production line is obviously different to an hour overtime sat in an office pretending to be productive because that’s what everyone else does.

However, I think it would be positive if Taiwanese office workers started standing up for themselves, and each other, to end the desk-warming culture.

EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread

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Then maybe they should just go do the jobs that OFW people do instead of complaining about not getting overtime…

But why do bosses demand their employees stay in the office if all they do is sit there doing nothing? If they are not working let them go home.

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They could do the jobs that OFWs do. They don’t, which is why there are OFWs.

I don’t work an office job, thank Allah!, so I don’t know for sure whether employees are in the office doing nothing. My wife works her arse off, as do both her sisters, but they may be outliers.

Does your wife or her sisters get big bonuses?

I mean if everyone else just pretends to work then they don’t deserve bonuses.

Actually just send them home if they aren’t working. It’s legal and they don’t get overtime at home.

Then the guys working gets overtime. That’s more fair this way.

Massive bonuses, but their monthly pay is lowish.

How much did everyone get as a CNY bonus?

I got $6000ntd or about 9% of a months wage

(my Taiwanese colleague is quitting if he doesn’t get a month or more)

$0. 13th LNY and haven’t ever received one. I also never cleaned the school like the Taiwanese staff has to around this time of year either.


1.5 times my salary. But I was told that it was because of “good performance” and because my lab had extra money this year.


No matter how bad you have it, there’s always someone, somewhere, who has it worse. Even in Canada.

Just sayin’.


Where do I sign up for this ? Queue of Forumosans forming already.


I think 1.5k is the most I ever got, though I mostly worked part time. Most gave the foreigners nothing at all. I worked at four or five schools. I’m not teaching anymore, but my company now is pretty miserly compared with most. I got maybe 8% of my monthly salary. I worked in the same industry for a different company years ago and got around 85%. Never asked what they paid the locals in any of those jobs.


They won’t tell you anyway. The best you’ll get is ‘it was Ok’ :joy:

He did not get much money for his boss pulling off a nut from his body. He must be sad along with his wife.

Hey, you got yours!