CNY in Korea?

A friend of a friend is trying to enlist me to help him find teachers for a two-week camp outside Seoul this winter.

He only needs 45 teachers, and to make things easier he is limiting himself to British-only - North American accent definitely not preferred! It sounds like a tall order, but I only work 20 hours a week these days so I do have time to get involved. And I’m an idiot.

How feasible do you think this would be? Ideas, comments, suggestions, warnings below please. I’ll post the job ad later if I decide to give it a go.


(It pays flight, accomodation etc, plus USD1000 for two weeks. That’s all I know right now.)

I have never been but my dad was in S. Korea during the ‘war’ he says it is the
in Feb. Don’t mean to be negative just pack your woolies and electrically heated flying suit etc.

I’d also like to know what kind of camping they are planning on doing - any area near Seoul is going to be awfully cold in January or February. Is it a survival camp? Knowing the Korean penchant for punishment, it could be tough.
Korean children, by the way, are the worst behaved I have ever seen.

2% of Koreans are the sweetest, most dignified, intelligent, humorous people you could ever hope to meet.

Can I go if I use my Austin Powers impersonation the whole time? Yeah Baby!! Groooovy! Always wanted to go to South Korea…