CNY: Show me your pictures

I know a lot of you guys have been away over CNY. Do you care for sharing any great pictures of interesting places? I’d like to get an idea where to go next… :wink:

I went to the philippines this chinese new year:

I toured Taiwan on my scooter last year:

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot. I’ve seen your page earlier as I was looking through the member list and peeping into peoples websites… :blush:

I like your pictures very much! Very beautiful!

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Beautiful photo’s of Phillipines. Great color and composition. You have a gift at ‘seeing.’

Thank you :slight_smile:
I think I was lucky for the philippines photos- the skies were blue and the scenery was so beautiful!

Have a good long weekend

Great website, Leslie! Really nice photos and interesting accounts.


you took the LiShan to WuShi “shortcut” (also could be described as “longcut” or “deathcut”) in winter… on scooters!..

:laughing: :bravo: respect…

you took the LiShan to WuShi “shortcut” (also could be described as “longcut” or “deathcut”) in winter… on scooters!..

:lol: :bravo: respect…[/quote]Never done that route. On the Sunriver map it doesn’t have a number; just a thin and very wiggly yellow line.

Is it normally open to the public? At the Wushe end there’s a round red “no entry” sign, at least on the map.

I want to do a loop Taichung – Lishan – Ilan – North Cross-Island Highway some time. Using that shortcut would be interesting. But it sounds as if it may not really save time. What do you think?

yes I’d call it a deathcut. We really didn’t know where we were, nor would we ever be able to find it again. Too bad, it was a crazy road, and might be fun in the summer. We couldn’t speak Chinese at the time so we just drove and hoped for the best. That was the coldest I’ve ever been in my life and still shiver thinking about it (and I’m from Canada!)

I think at the Wushe end, the hills are so steep that I’m not sure how well a scooter could make it up. It seemed like a downhill only thing :slight_smile: I remember thinking- if this is the wrong way, there’s no way I’m gonna make it back up that hill!


I went to Thailand last CNY… will probably be my last CNY vacation… :frowning: :s

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Great pics, Leslie, and a very well-done Web site! Almost makes me want to go to Taiwan! :laughing: