Cockatiel Adoption

Male cockatiel looking for a good home. He’s about one year, healthy (recent vet check), gets along with people and other cockatiels. He’ll be given to you free if you can provide a good home, especially if you already have birds. He needs company.

Interested. Where are you located?

Hello, I am in Taipei, Shilin. Where are you? Do you have birds?

Zhongzheng District in Taipei. I currently have two budgies.

Do you let them fly freely (at least occasionally) or are they always in a cage?
Goose, the cockatiel, is used to a lot of freedom and is curious about everything you do.
He likes to be with his person. He has met up with some budgies but was rather indifferent to them because there were also cockatiels to interact with.

I let them out at least 3-4 hours a day. I adopted them when they were already adults, and they weren’t hand-raised, so they’re not too human attached. I’ve trained them both to step up, and they’re fine hanging out on my arm or shoulder, but they won’t fly to me on their own. The male is more outgoing and the female more shy. I can see the male bonding with another bird, even a bigger one. They both have the run of the living room when they’re out.

Goose sounds like the lovebird we used to have (also a rescue). He was very curious, and had a strong bond with me and my wife. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020. :sob: If adopted, Goose would have plenty of time out of the cage and interacting with the humans in the household (and the budgies if they’re so inclined).


Hi, It sounds like he would have a good home with you because you are two people and have birds. I am very attached to him but I realize he is not very happy because I leave home a lot and he is left on his own and gets lonely. I am not in the position at the moment to get another bird to keep him company.
I should also mention that Goose likes to chew things–it is his way of learning about the world around him–so I have plenty of things for him to chew, but I also have to make sure he doesn’t chew the things he shouldn’t. If you are still interested, I think we should wait until it stops raining, and I could bring him over in a travel box just to for you to meet each other and see what you think.

There’s actually four people in our household, soon to be five (plus the two budgies). There’s almost always someone home, so Goose wouldn’t have much time to be lonely.

I know that feeling, so it must be tough to let him go. :slightly_frowning_face:

Our lovebird was like that too, and he had a beak of steel. Went through lots of headphone cables.

Sounds good. I could also come to where you are if that’s more convenient. We’re having our kitchen remodeled next week, so things could be a little chaotic. Anyway, looks like it’s going to be raining for a while yet.

Congratulations, ruminant!


Thanks, but it’s not like that. My wife’s asshole sister is moving back to Taipei for work (we were so happy when she moved out a year ago). :sweat_smile:


Then extended congratulations to ruminant’s wife’s asshole sister’s new job!

We’re hoping she hates it and moves back to Taoyuan. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dr Milker,
It looks like someone has barged in on our conversation. Your place sounds perfect for Goose. I am leaving on July 1 and Goose is supposed
be staying with some people while I am gone for the month (plus quarantine). I have to check with them to see if that plan is still on.
You are welcome to come to my place which is near the Palace Museum, but i thought if I brought Goose to you, we could see how he
gets along with your people, place and birds. Either way is fine with me. I think we’ll also have to find a way to communicate directly
and privately.

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That was disappointing.


@Dr_Milker when you receive the screecher, will you show us pics?

The birb, not the inlaw. :grin:

Well, this isn’t a done deal yet, but sure (with the birb’s permission, of course).