Cockroaches vs. Mosquitos----- Which is worse?

What’s worsest?

  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitos
  • Big Fluffy Matthew

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Where I live in central Taiwan, I am simply amazed by the large number of mosquitos which find their way into my office and home. Luckily, I haven’t been cursed with too many roaches but others have told me horror stories about the blasted creatures. Anyone care to put in their two-cents worth on which is worse?

Mosquitos spread some truly nasty diseases and there’s not much you can do to stop them.

Roaches are disgusting, but the diseases they spread can be controlled by reasonable cleaning.

BFM has only spread a few mild diseases and can be gotten rid of by getting him drunk and putting him in a taxi.

[quote=“MaPoDurian”]Mosquitos spread some truly nasty diseases and there’s not much you can do to stop them.

Roaches are disgusting, but the diseases they spread can be controlled by reasonable cleaning.[/quote]

Roaches are big ugly things, have six legs and scuttle - euuugh! I hate them because generally you find them near the kitchen, which means they theoretically could have walked over any place you might touch in the process of preparing food even if you’ve washed your hands first. Haven’t seen any yet… but then summer’s coming up.

Mosquitos - well, a mosquito net or fan generally works nicely, in the home, anyway. And they’re small and not too disgusting to squish, although they leave marks on the wall :slight_smile:

BFM is fluffy and by definition that makes him cute and harmless… maybe :smiley:

A mosquito bit me on my eyelid once when I was sleeping
I was NOT very happy to find one eyelid swollen to twice the other’s size the next morning. Good thing I didn’t have to work that day…

No issues with mosquitos, use netting or keep the windows closed with the air-con running (in summer). Hardly have any in my house and if any they don’t bother me too much - but they will DIE if I get them. And I always do.
Personally I don’t consider them a too big health risk, most diseases are spread in rural areas and you can get vaccinated against some (e.g. JE).
I hate cockroaches though, in particular after one started to live in my wardrobe (search for my “What kind of shit is this?” thread if interested).

PS: BFM is harmless. Just make sure you feed him well. :wink:

Within two days off the plane here, i found myself covered with angry hives and welts from the mosquitos.I guess i’m allergic! Its nice to look like that when you are looking for work. A quick visit to the Chinese herbalist and a powder twice a day has completely upgraded my body for a warmer climate, healed the welts, and the mosquitos don’t bother me anymore. And I have a nice buzz to boot! :shock:

Why did I choose cockroaches over mosquitos for the nastiest? Because I can stand to kill big mosquitos. I can’t bear to kill a big roach. It helps that no matter how bad I get bitten (except on the outside of my hand, my eyelid, forehead, or lip…very painful), I get over it very quickly and within an hour or two I can’t even tell that I had been bitten. Plus a flying mosquito is not nearly as repulsive as a flying roach.

Flying roaches :?:
Floridians claim those are “palmetto bugs”, not roaches :laughing:

Compared to roaches you need a hell of a lot of mozzies to make a good meal.

Mozzies are annoying, roaches are plain disgusting.

You can’t beat the roach-on-your-body experience for panicky, flapping about, ARGGH-ARGGH-GET IT OFF ME, GET IT OFF ME fun.

Saw a program where a Thai chef cooked and ground up roaches into a powder to eat in a sauce. That’s one source of protein I could live without.

Roaches are big, dirty, ugly, scary and crawl around where you don’t want them.

Mosquitoes are tiny, annoy you at night, sting you, but they are also incredibly dumb. Leave the light on in the bathroom, lure them inside, close the door and just squish them with your bare hands. It’s so easy to find them against the background of white tiles.

MTV made a movie about a guy that lived in an apartment with talking and singing roaches that was supposed to be funny, but I couldn’t even watch it because it made my skin crawl.
If they made the same movie about mosquitoes, I could at least stand to look at it.

If I’m outside and I see a big old cockroach, I won’t kill it. If it’s inside, it’s fair game. Dead.
If I’m outside and a mosquito tries to bite me, I will try to kill it. The same thing goes inside.

I have mixed feelings, but I dislike roaches more. I voted for Fluffy.

I saw the creepiest thing while waiting for a taxi on Ren Ai Rd. There were two sewer grates about three feet from each other. I counted seven roaches coming out of one and going into the other over the course of five minutes. I can’t tell if it was the same one just going along upside down or if it were really seven different bugs, but in any case it was really freaky. As a former Floridian (born and raised until I became an Ohioan), I am very familiar with geckos and palmetto bugs. I remember the first (and the last) time I went camping in a tent. I went to grab the zipper of my tent to open it, noticed that it was repulsively soft and moved my hand in time to watch a black wood roach fall inside. When my friend told me what it was, I refused to near that part of the campsite until she could prove it was no longer in there. However, I had no problem with killing the mosquitos in there at night. And actually had fun with it, using a flashlight to first attract them and then squash them. I’m just glad I have a cat who thinks roaches are much more fun than the NT$500 toy I bought him and plays with them until they die (usually after losing a few legs in the process). He’s good about keeping them out of my bedroom and away from me, except once when he was a kitten and I found the carcass under my bed. Everyone together…UGH!